My site title “Distinctly Praise the Years” is taken from the final stanza of Hart Crane‘s poem, “For the Marriage of Faustus and Helen“—

Distinctly praise the years, whose volatile

Blamed bleeding hands extend and thresh the height

The imagination spans beyond despair,

Outpacing bargain, vocable and prayer.

The image in my header & site icon is “checks and mates” by Leslie Baum  (2010, watercolor on arches paper, 16″ x 20″). It is one in a series of 12 watercolors collected as “Axis Mundi Drawings.”

One thought on “Acknowledgments

  1. Dear Caitlin Lowe, In my role as the editorial adviser to Zeteo (CUNY online), I may have a writing project that would interest you. Write me (please) at eaton0824 AT gmail DOT com. – Wm. Eaton

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